Monday, September 21, 2009

Life here seems to drift by, and my judgement of time is beginning to fade away. I've been attending Colegio Sant Josep's for about one week now; living in spain for two, and it has probably been the most emotional and physically draining weeks of my life. So much new information and people leads to a buzzing mind that is constantly working. I'm partcipating in Primero Bachillerato - Social so my class load consits of Matematiques, Literatura de Catalan, Religion, Humanities, Filosofia, Catalan Lengua, Ed. Fisica, Economia, Castellana, and Ciencia del Mundo Contemprani. All of my classes are conducted in Catalan which is the regional dialect of Catalunya. It sounds very much like French when spoken but when written resembles Russian or something crazy like that. No offense to Russia. I havent been able to follow much of the work, but afterwards many of the teachers will summarize in Castillan and mostly from there I can manage the huge homework load that I get everynight. I attend a private school and in my personal opinion it's evident in the work load that is assigned...but, then again it takes me about 30 minutes to read one page so I'm not really one to judge. Staying in one class has been a different experience for me as well! It leads to a very close knit group of kids, making it hard for a new person (as myself) to mesh in, but each day is getting better and better! Most of my friends attend the public school in town so I try to spend time with them after Sant Josep's. When I get out at 5pm, which is incredibly late!

This last weekend was our first regional AFS orientation! Hooray for going to beautiful Barcelona. I had really been waiting so long to see the city, but of course we really didnt get to walk around and mainly stayed at our youth hostal. Although! Being the curious, adventure seeking chica that I am -- I dragged Julien and Iva, my train buddies, to walk the city, opposed to waiting in the train station for two hours. Obvious choice right? So thank you, thank you Julien and Iva for trusting in my navigating skills, because I had a great time! The orientation was a lot better then the previous ones, filled with lots of games and more of 'bonding' activities, haha. It's hard to believe I've only known these people for 3 weeks, it feels like years. Sharing this amazing experience together will definitly bring us closer together then anyone else can understand. Hopefully I'm going back this next weekend because there will be a huge fiesta and just getting a small taste of the city is killing me.

A couple days ago my host dad, Ramon and I went to an 'informational' meeting concerning me joining a running team here. As you all probably know my love for running definitly runs deep and although I'm fine with my park runs alone, it would be nice to join a team! So it looks like next monday I will be showing up at the physical center to do some training! Running is definitly not a popular sport here whatsoever. Futbol rules above all. Above work, school, food. My family happens to be DEVOTED team Espanyol fans and I have joined this small but mighty group of people. Barca is the most popular team for sure in Catalunya, and probably all of Spain, so I definitly get some friendly joking about being an Espanyol fan. I've even picked up the spirit by joining in some pick up games here in Tarrega!

So this will be good bye for now...I have a stack of yucky Economia homework to attempt. Key word in the sentance: attempt.

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  1. Draining? I should say so. You are working on learning two new languages. You've got a rock-em - sock em attitude. Running sound like a great way to dissapate the stress. Hey, you could be running in 45 F degee rain right now. Thanks for the great blog update.