Friday, August 7, 2009

Alaska Summer Daze

Long time running since my last post, I do apologize. I guess all I can say is that my excuse would have to be my actions of trying to soak up every last sun ray, late night, homestead hike, beach drifting walk, minute with my friends, family dinners. The list could go on and on...It seems now that I have roughly 3 weeks left before I embark to NYC with both my parents and my aunt, that I'm starting to fully realize that I won't be home in 10 months. The feelings rushing through my head right now are so strong that it's almost tiring! A little bit of apprehension, fear, but it's definitely mostly excitement. I would have to say that a huge part of this feeling would have to be my amazing host families enthusiasm towards my arrival and letters of encouragement and kindness. A long while back on the weekend of my birthday, I got a lovely little AFS letter in the mail informing me of my PERMANENT host family! I will never forget that day, let alone that whole weekend. It could probably be on of the best weekends was of my life. My host parents are Pilar and Ramon. Pilar teaches at Sant Josep's School where both my siblings attend, and I soon in the fall. Ramon is a lawyer and loves to read. I have a younger sister, Sabina who is 12 -- she loves drawing and writing letters. Sabina also loves to take care of the family pet guinea pig 'Big Foot'. I also have a brother Jaume, who is my age of 16. Jaume is very friendly and sociable, but his true love is futbol aka soccer. I have talked to him several times over facebook and he has been very helpful answering my silly questions. My family seems like such a great fit for me while I'm away. The city I will be living in is located about 45 miles west of Barcelona. Tarrega has a population of 16,000, but has all the amentities of a larger city. The history runs deep into the streets with its romanesque and gothic structures dating from the 13th century. I truly cannot wait...however; for right now I'm just trying to enjoy all this beautiful time I have here at home. Much love for now :) Ciao