Friday, September 11, 2009

Hola! So this will officially be my first post in the beautiful land of Catalunya, Spain. Words can't even begin to describe how blessed I have been with a wonderfully loving and welcoming family, beautiful town to live in and the warmth from everyone I have met in this amazing country I will call my home for a year! After about the longest 32 hours of my life - orientation in NYC, the long flight to Zurich then Madrid and then another orientation in Madrid I finally took the AVE train to Lleida which is about 30min away from Tarrega. The whole train ride my heart was pounding beyond anything before! The thought of finally meeting my family whom I had corresponded with for several months was too much to comprehend; but, when I came up the stairs and I saw everyones smilling face I knew everything would be alright. Tomorrow will officially be the end of my first week which is already so hard to believe! Pilar, my mother, is an English, Catalan and Espanol teacher, so with her help I have already learned some new Catalan phrases! I have loved having a little sister! Sabina has so much compassion for life and so far we have been getting along very well; exchanging hugs every chance we can get. Jaume, my host brother is 15 and that makes it very easy for us to get along. He is extremely animated and funny just like Ramon! I can only say that it has been so nice to be around people who can joke and laugh with...reminds me very much of my family in Alaska! My life here has changed drastically! The Spanish lifestyle from the cuisine, clothing and scheduale is much more different then I had anticipated. Here we will sleep in very late (school even starts at 9am!!) and relax very much till lunch at 2pm. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day so it's very important to have the whole family present. At shool we are alottted 1 1/2 hours to come home and eat before returning to stay untill 5pm. After lunch we usually go visit friends then dinner is about 10pm. The total switch has been hard to get used to, but now that it has almost been a week I'm starting to settle in much better. This weekend is especially special and filled with many festivities because it is Firra Teatro! A very large festival of the arts here in Tarrega. It brings about 15,000 hippies, punks, children, parents - lovers of the arts! The streets are filled with lots of tiendas with jewelry and then tons of acts ranging from a crazy 'always drinking' marching band from Argentina too a puppet shows. I have truly been having the time of my life. So many open minded individuals who just love to celebrate life. Lots of dancing, singing, drinking and merriment! Last night was also my first Spanish party experience. My brother and his friends took me to a huge party in Verdu, which is a town about 10k away from Tarrega. It was a party sponsored by the most popular radio in Spain so the music was very, very good! A huge outdoor tent with a pool, crammed with many many people! It was a great time. Probably one of the best of my life! But I know that this year will be filled with many more...I start school on Monday! Estoy nerviosa! Wish me luck! Mucho amor! Besos

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  1. Kayla,
    Its great to hear that you are safe in Spain, have a wonderful family, and are seizing the opportunities with a sense of wonder and gratefulness. I can't wait to read your observations about Spanish education.